5☆ 2/26/17 Poly Ann Ice Cream

A great place to get ice cream. Pretty reasonably priced for the city. Left in a nice neighborhood and makes sense why it has been open for so long.

Walking in you are greeted with three options. A basket of numbers where you can pick three flavors and decide where from there. The second option is spinning the wheel, and you get what flavor you get. Third option just the simply old-fashioned way where you pick your flavors.

With the selection, you can go as simple as cookies and cream ice cream to the end of the spectrum with gas leak Durian fruit.

-Atmosphere 5/5 – Great place in the neighborhood that it is in
-Service 5/5 – Staff is friendly
-Quality 5/5 – Great tasting ice cream made in house
-Price 4/5 – $3 for one scoop, $5 for two scoops

I would give this place a whopping score of 5/5.

Tip: Can get to sample the flavors before getting them.


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3.5☆ 2/26/17 Chicken’licious Noodle

Decided to cast upon this location after going adventuring for a new place for my typical Soup Sundays endeavor. Realized that I came across this while back when it was open as the sushi place.

Walking in you are greeted to the small and quaint place. Had the same seating arrangement as what it was before. Not a bad thing, but nothing to yell glamor about.

I ended up ordering the Crabmeat Tomato Noodle Soup. Which I do have to note does come with pork so take with a word of caution. Also ordered was the Curry Fish Balls and the Fried Chicken Wings.

The Curry Fish Balls tasted pretty average with a pretty simple flavor, so nothing to be all over about. Receiving the wings, they were crisp but tasted rather dry. Think it would have been better if they were glazed instead of being done on the side.

Getting the soup it came with some ground pork, and some pork blood so on the word of caution for people that only eat fish. The soup had a nice sour taste from the tomatoes which was quite different. It also had some mint on the side which continued that endeavor. The ground pork wasn’t a bad addition, same with the pork blood, but the crab meat didn’t have much flavor to it. Overall it could have been a bit the broth was good the other mixes in the soup were okay.

-Atmosphere 3/5 – Nothing special, but not too bad

-Service – 4/5 Was one of the few patrons in the place and they were fast and attentive

-Food Quality 3.5/5 – Probably will come back to see how the Chicken soup is. Appetizers were okay, and the Crab meat soup isn’t anything for me to rave about.

-Price 4/5 – Decent price for what it is worth

Overall I would say this is a place I would come back to try their Chicken Noodle Soup. I would also rate this place a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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