Ping via Timestamp

Figured I would make a quick post. Do think as much as ping is a networkers tool the fact that there is no timestamps is pretty sad.

Came across a post from jocke where he posted this lovely command.

1. To post valid replies
ping | awk '/^[0-9]+ bytes from / { "date" | getline pong; close("date"); print pong":",$0; }'

2. To post valid replies and failures
ping | while read pong; do echo "$(date): $pong"; done

Kudos to Jocke:

The featured image was a perfect test since I was testing while roaming in Canada and using Cricket Wireless 🙂

OSX Sierra and VMware Fusion – Internal Error

I wanted to share my quick experience to upon my upgrade to OSX Sierra. Did the plunge a little while ago and wanted to share a bit of my experience. I came across an issue with the application. Seemed perfectly fine, but the trouble came after trying to boot VMs. Upon trying to boot, I was presented with an error labelled “Internal Error”.

Upon looking through the VMware forum, I came across a workaround which required opening VMware Fusion through the terminal. Not the best solution since not all the passthrough was working, but a good workaround.

If you are encountering an issues you can try entering this in the terminal.
 cd /Applications/VMware\; ./VMware\ Fusion"

This has seemed to work great for me. Reports of updating VMware Fusion to the latest version have worked on my personal machine.

New Version:

The command in action:

Forum Post

Norton ConnectSafe – Free Blocking DNS

Looking for a free way to content filter your content while you’re at home, and then block some malicious or adult content? It would be worth checking out Norton ConnectSafe. It’s a free service that blocks by DNS requests. All you have to do is change the DNS Servers on your Device or Router.

Check it out here with the DNS Servers listed below:

A – Security (malware, phishing sites and scam sites)
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
B – Security + Pornography
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
C – Security + Pornography + Other
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:

Rule description:
All policies block malware, phishing and scam sites.

Pornography includes sites that contain sexually explicit material.

Other includes sites that feature: mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, drugs, file sharing, gambling, hate, suicide, tobacco or violence.

Provided below an image showing the basic instructions:

Google Photos – Lost space from full size uploads

Ever run into the issue where you have uploaded your photos to Google Photos and are running into storage issues. This can be resolved by optimizing your photos. If you go to From there you can click the recover storage option.

Provided below is an animated image showing the behavior:

Waste Internet Bandwidth wtih a Simple Cronjob

So in retaliation of Comcast I figured I would put my two cents towards them. Personally, I think $50 is a dumb amount to pay especially in today’s age of a Steam Games, Consoles, and 4K streaming. As a result, I have created a simple cronjob that accommodates a download of 10GB every 20 minutes and a 100mb download every minute.

So far it’s gotten me 250GB per day totalling ~7TB per month of downloading to /dev/null :).

This can also be used for download tests on Linux.

1. Open crontab (in Ubuntu) using crontab -e
2. Edit the file and add the following lines
*/20 * * * * curl -o /dev/null; echo"OVHTest" 2>&1
* * * * * curl -o /dev/null; echo "CacheflyTest" 2>&1

3. Save the settings using Command + X in OSX when using nano
4. Hit Enter to Confirm
5. Watch the traffic go

Provided below are some screenshots of the traffic for the last day and for the last 30 days