OSX Sierra and VMware Fusion – Internal Error

I wanted to share my quick experience to upon my upgrade to OSX Sierra. Did the plunge a little while ago and wanted to share a bit of my experience. I came across an issue with the application. Seemed perfectly fine, but the trouble came after trying to boot VMs. Upon trying to boot, I was presented with an error labelled “Internal Error”.

Upon looking through the VMware forum, I came across a workaround which required opening VMware Fusion through the terminal. Not the best solution since not all the passthrough was working, but a good workaround.

If you are encountering an issues you can try entering this in the terminal.
 cd /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/MacOS; ./VMware\ Fusion"

This has seemed to work great for me. Reports of updating VMware Fusion to the latest version have worked on my personal machine.

New Version:

The command in action:

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