3.5☆ 12/18/16 Rock Japanese Cuisine

The ventures for a after Congee snack before dinner. Satisfying the craving with sushi and a delight.

Came by this place for a lunch session, and it wasn’t bad. As you walk up to the place it’s at the corner, and the door is on the side. Came here mid-day on a Sunday at approximately 2PM and got seated pretty quickly. There was no wait so there was no issues with that and got offered a water on the get go. Ordered the bento box and it seemed to be pretty good with value for $15 dollars. Tried the Mango Spider Roll and liked the texture of the tobiko with the avocado. Thought the Mango was a little too sweet. Also had the Jay Roll and the hamachi was fresh and flavorful.

Other Notes:

-Wings were pretty typical and just fried

-Gyoza was crisp

Mango Spider Roll

Avocado, cucumber, soft shell crab, wrapped fresh mango and tobiko on top.

Bento Box

Jay Roll

Unagi, avocado inside and minced hamachi on top then baked to perfection,topped with tobiko.

Chicken Teriyaki, Sushi


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