Waste Internet Bandwidth wtih a Simple Cronjob

So in retaliation of Comcast I figured I would put my two cents towards them. Personally, I think $50 is a dumb amount to pay especially in today’s age of a Steam Games, Consoles, and 4K streaming. As a result, I have created a simple cronjob that accommodates a download of 10GB every 20 minutes and a 100mb download every minute.

So far it’s gotten me 250GB per day totalling ~7TB per month of downloading to /dev/null :).

This can also be used for download tests on Linux.

1. Open crontab (in Ubuntu) using crontab -e
2. Edit the file and add the following lines
*/20 * * * * curl -o /dev/null http://proof.ovh.ca/files/10Gb.dat; echo"OVHTest" 2>&1
* * * * * curl -o /dev/null http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test; echo "CacheflyTest" 2>&1

3. Save the settings using Command + X in OSX when using nano
4. Hit Enter to Confirm
5. Watch the traffic go

Provided below are some screenshots of the traffic for the last day and for the last 30 days

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